Let's face it, most people searching for care are looking for two things: pain relief and restoration of function. E.W. Myofascial Therapies takes a comprehensive approach to healing. Assessment of the entire body to determine the underlying cause of pain, treating the imbalances that exist, as well as, teaching biomechanics to allow the body to actually heal is the foundation of treatment for each person.

Our Specialties

Myofascial Release

is a series of hands on treatments involving stretching, strumming, plucking, and/or rolling. Results are faster, more sustained and cover more treatment areas than other conventional therapies.

Vagus Nerve Stimulation

is achieved through external electrical stimulation to assist the body with nervous system balance. Training heart rate variability (HRV) assists with maintenance of vagus nerve function.

Scar Tissue Remodeling

assists with returning body tissues to a more normalized state to return function. This treatment is very important following surgeries such as C-section, breast cancer surgical interventions, and orthopedic procedures.