Erin White is a manual therapist that specializes in biomechanics, myofascial release, and functional exercise science to provide pain relief to her patients. Through her masters education in both biomechanics and physical therapy, Erin White is able to assess the root cause of the issue and develop a unique plan to address each facet of the problem.

E.W. Myofascial Therapies was formed to provide exceptional care to members of the community that have struggled with long-standing pain and dysfunction or have a new acute injury or pain. E.W. Myofascial Therapies is unique in that it focuses on individual care for each and every patient rather than the typical run-of-the-mill clinic with programs that are cookie-cutter for each condition.

The benefit of a therapist providing one-on-one care is that each person’s issue is based on his or her presentation. While it may depend on the length of time the issue has been present, providing tailored treatment and education to each patient allows for much shorter treatment plans. The sooner something is assessed and treated, the faster the recovery and return to health. The approach to treatment at E.W. Myofascial Therapies provides a long-term solution to your current issue, not a quick fix to the symptoms that would allow the problem to return.

E.W. Myofascial Therapies helps provide pain relief for those individuals at their wits end in search of regaining their health. Come experience one-on-one individualized physical assessment with our therapist to help restore your life.

Erin White, physical therapist and owner of EW Myofascial Therapies.Erin White

Physical Therapist/Clinic Owner

Erin White was trained as a physical therapist with an exercise physiology background. She graduated from physical therapy school with the dream of helping individuals regain their health. Unfortunately, the jobs she had after graduating fell short of letting her provide care that would benefit her patients. She wanted to be able to do therapy that was appropriate for each of her patients by treating the whole body, finding the source of the problem, and educating her patients on how to keep themselves healthy and reduce the risk of future injuries. In 2005 she opened her first practice, Integrity Physical Therapy, outside of Seattle, Washington. In 2014, she decided to move back to the Chicago area to be closer to her family and started a new practice shortly thereafter.

Throughout her career, she has routinely supplemented her university education with clinical courses that expand her knowledge and treatment base. She has been continually restructuring her practice to better serve her patients. Myofascial release has become the foundation of her treatment and she has enhanced her knowledge by studying the theories under the pioneers of myofascial release: John Barnes and Tom Bowen. Combined with a comprehensive assessment of the body mechanics of her patients, myofascial release treatment is also tailored to correct for the source of the problem, as well as, the compensation patterns that have developed.

Erin’s Patient Focus

Erin also has recently developed a treatment protocol for patients dealing with nervous system dysfunction. Suffering from a variety of ailments herself, she has seen countless specialists who have been unable to provide the answers to her problems. Always reading and researching, she discovered the vagus nerve is a common area of dysfunction that can lead to many misdiagnoses. Treating herself initially allowed her to develop a way to help those suffering from similar issues that do not fit a classic diagnosis. Many of her patients have been able to manage their body’s stress response and return to full lives regardless of the things happening that are out of their control.

Erin continues to strive to bring the best healthcare to her patients despite the continued obstacles that develop in medicine. She is a licensed physical therapist with nineteen years of experience providing pain relief and return of function to patients. As a manual therapist, her focus is helping heal those who have complex and chronic pain conditions that may stem from surgeries, illness, injuries, or trauma. She specializes in myofascial release, chronic pain and dysfunction, biomechanics complex pain issues, post-surgical scarring including mastectomy, lumpectomy, and plastic surgery, and nervous system rebalancing via vagus nerve stimulation.

Erin’s Education

A bachelor of science degree in psychology was earned at The University of Iowa in 1997. In 2000, The University of Nebraska awarded a master’s degree in exercise physiology and upon graduation from The University of Kansas Medical Center in 2002, a master’s degree in physical therapy was earned.

Noteworthy Community, Professional, and Business Accomplishments

  • Membership in the American Physical Therapy Association
  • An appointment to represent Monroe, Washington in the Cambridge Who’s Who Registry among executive and professional women presented in 2009/2010
  • Granted membership in 2010 to the National Association of Professional Women
  • 2014 received the Best of Monroe Award for Physical Therapists
  • Named one of the Top Physical Therapists by in the Arlington Heights, IL area for 2018
  • 2019/2020/2021 received the Best of Palatine Award for Physical Therapists/Palatine Business Hall of Fame
  • 2020 Best Outpatient Physiotherapy Practice- Chicagoland & GHP Excellence Award in Personalized Care

Picture of Zoey, Therapy Dog at EW Myofascial Therapies.ZOEY

Therapy Dog

Duties include greeting patients, tail wags, being a love bug, & making patients smile.

Professional development:


  • Joined Erin White in the clinic
  • Mastered basic and advanced dog training classes
  • Became certified emotional support dog


  • Bringing joy to all those she meets